Take your freedoms back

You need to take your freedom back. We are building a world where we are giving our freedoms away. We are told by everyone that we have to have a good credit score to be a human. But to have a good credit score you need to borrow money. When you borrow money you have to do certain things in your life, like keep a job you hate, to pay off the loan. So, in other words, you are giving someone else your money so you can keep a job you hate. Does that make sense? You want to know the truth? You do not need a credit score. You can actually save money. This is just one example where we have given away our freedom. Are you over weight? Most likely you have traded the freedom of health, dexterity, and quality of life for food and laziness. Have you lost your job? Is it because you have traded the freedom of choosing your own career for the ability to let someone else (your employer) do it for you?

I hope this is making many of you uncomfortable. We have gotten lazy in society. We are to the point where we are unwilling to work hard for something so we give away our freedoms. When someone comes to our country and is willing to work hard we try to keep them from doing work that we are not really willing to work for.

If you are okay with your life then don’t do anything about it. If you are not okay with your life then do something about it, take your freedoms back.

The first step is to be willing to work hard. Working hard will solve many problems. The second step is to, set goals (do not let others choose your goals for you), third step is to learn, forth step is to take action.

This all seems overly simplistic but becoming successful is actually not complicated.

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