The Lucky Ones

Recently, my time has been filled with job searching and coordinating my move back home.This was very time consuming and took focus away from developing my business and my blog.My transition is winding down and should end in about 2 weeks.Then I will be able to devote more energy to my blog.This leads me into my next subject.

We all know somebody that we consider lucky.They appear to get all of the breaks and everything seems to go their way.On the outside they are lucky, but luck is an illusion.Some people that I work with think that I am lucky because I have a cushy desk job.They think I make easy money.They are discounting the fact that I spent 4 years in college.Now that I am no longer in college I use the time that many people spend watching TV developing myself.My development is through creating business plans, planning my future, reading, and learning subjects that will help me grow.With my improved knowledge I knew in order to continue developing I should leave my current position.I began looking for a position that would help me to develop while moving closer to my family.When I received the offer for my new position the “luck” popped up.A week after receiving my offer I learned my current company was going to be laying people off.If I had not prepared I would be scared and worried about how I was going to pay my mortgage.

The main point here is to work hard, plan, prepare for what you want in your life and when “luck” occurs you will be ready to accept it as a positive.You create your future, no one else.Take control of your life.

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