Build your team with this theme!

Have you ever struggled to find players for your team? Do you ask people to play on Twitter and Facebook with little luck?

I play on a coed indoor soccer team and I am always struggling to find girls. On top of that I always have guys asking me to join our team but I just don’t have room for them.

I wanted to make it easier for people who are looking for teams to connect with teams who need players. That is why I created the Team Builder WordPress Theme.

Here is what the Team Builder WordPress Theme looks like on my site.


Team Builder WordPress Theme

  1. A simple theme designed to help you build a community of players for your chosen recreational sport.
  2. Designed to connect those players who need a team with teams who need players.
  3. The theme was designed to be as simple as possible for a player to sign up, making it easier to get more people to sign up.
  4. Contains all the basic WordPress blogging functionality.


Players sign up by adding a few pieces of information which allows the theme to connect players in a region.

Key Benefits

•Player information can be sent to an email list which allows you to contact players in the future be it to sell something to them or notify them of changes.
•Easy for people to use
•People listed by distance
•Free theme upgrades
•Flexible to the designer since it was built off a basic WordPress installation


How it Works

Once a player has registered they can login.


After a player has logged in they can either search for a player or click a button which allows their information to be searchable by other players.

Find a team

If a person searches for a layer they will see a list of players which meets the search criteria and is sorted from closest zip code to furthest. Also, a search bar is available at the top to preform another search.

Player list

If you find a player you would like to contact you can click the Send Message button and it will allow you to send an email.

player email

If a player is looking for a team they can press the allow a team to find me button.

Find a team

Their information will only be searchable for 30 days to keep the system clean. They will receive an email once their information expires from searchability requesting that they allow their information to be searchable another 30 days. This makes it where only players actually looking for a team are in the search and makes the player return to the site so they can see what is new.

Find a team 2

How I use the Team Builder WordPress Theme

I have been using the theme on my site to build a community around indoor soccer. Not only does it allow me to find players for my soccer teams but it also allows me to collect their information in an email mailing list so later I can notify them of events and even market my products. Once I get the list of people big enough I think I can approach the soccer facilities in my area to pay me for advertising.



If you are not totally satisfied with the product I will refund your money and you can keep the theme.


I am still building out my site and the documentation for the Team Builder WordPress Theme so I am selling it cheap. Buy now to save money and you will get all the upcoming updates.

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