Raving Fans

“I really like the way you compared our age and experience in life to an onion. As for the direct questioning, I am actually glad that you are like that because it really makes you think everything through and some things you never thought about. Keep it up because it helps keep me on my toes.”

-Eric McKown

“I really appreciate you taking time to meet with me and encourage me as I continue to grow as a leader.  Your encouragement has motivated me to set goals and ask for help in accomplishing them.   I look forward to encouraging others that I work with by helping them set goals and reaching them too.   I appreciate that you suggest resources to read too, instead of just giving me advice on how to be a better leader at my job.  I am excited to practice being a better leader and continue to set goals for myself as well as encourage my coworkers to be doing the same.

Thanks again for the encouragement!”

-Jason U., House Director

“In today’s economy, finding a job is HARD! You have the experience, you have the knowledge, you have the drive, but putting it all together to land that job is difficult!  With Josh’s knowledge and personal experience in the business world, he has helped me organize and recognize my strengths and assets. Now I’m comfortable knowing I can put my best foot forward.  Thanks Josh!!”


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