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Josh: Head Engineer of Crazy

At my heart I am a problem solver and a relationship builder. If I see something that needs improving I will figure a way to do it. In that same vein, I am also a personal development junkie. I figure I can learn anything and there is someone out there to teach me. I am also pretty silly, I love to have fun, build relationships, and share what I learn through my personal education.

I want to use this site to help share what I learn in my personal development and problem solving journeys and whatever other unique information I see as relevent. Through my writing I hope to share a handful of ideas such as lifestyle design, critical thinking, building a business, and enjoying life all through the lens of having fun and a little silliness. I hope my stories encourage you through example.


Andrea: Director of Creative Nonsense

This is my beautiful wife. She helps keep me in line and helps me to develop ideas for the site. Her point of view keeps me from jumping off the deep end. Plus, she is totally silly. We are a perfect match.


Dougal: Chief Play Consultant

This is my little buddy. He helps me remember to enjoy myself. He knows whenever I need a break and he lets me know it is time to leave the office.



Interesting facts about Josh

  • I am bored to tears watching sports but I love being involved in sports
  • I am always looking for ways to do things better
  • I am a recreational bodybuilder
  • I love playing Frisbee golf
  • I play indoor soccer
  • I am learning to skateboard
  • I am educated as chemical engineer
  • Yes I have a day job too (I work as a process improvement expert)
  • My wife and I are on the Dave Ramsey plan
  • I am a total goof-ball
  • I believe that you should work hard if you want to make a change
  • I do not know why but I make friends everywhere I go
  • I tend to be very blunt in what I say to people (I do not censor myself well)
  • I am a personal development nerd
  • I am training to be a barefoot runner
  • My personality styles D in DISC and ENTJ (I am right on the line with ESTJ) in MBTI
  • I am the one to make a decision when everyone is asking “where do you want to eat?, I don’t know, where do you want to eat, I don’t care…”

6 Replies on “Meet the Team

  1. Personal development nerd! Me too. That is the best terminology I’ve ever heard to describe this condition/addiction I have.

  2. I just happened to follow my intuition and followed the link from T. Harv Eker. Glad to meet the real you… the past and the present and some label. We are all spiritual being having a human experience. I love to share what I learned from some of my mentors. Use transformational words and am not big with words.. I also used to say I am a personal development junky (yikes) or nerd.. now I transformed that to “life-long learner”. Sounds better for me. Have a blast Josh. I am.

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