My Obsessive Weight-loss Program

Below is the weight loss program I have been using to drop some ell-bees. I can get obsessive about things and this happens to be one of them so if this is too much for you I would try the slow carb diet. Many diets work but you have to find the one that works for you.

I am not giving every detail because it would make this very long. Let me know if you have any questions if you do want the specific details.

  • Accountability-I am posting this on Facebook so I feel accountable to my friends
  • fasting-I eat all my calories between 3:30 and 8 PM
  • cold showers-I take showers on the coldest setting for extra fat burning
  • cheat day-1 day a week I eat whatever I want
  • I track calories using
  • If I don’t continue to lose week to week I subtract 100 calories from my diet
  • Only about 100 grams carbs a day
  • About 130 grams protein per day
  • The rest is fat
  • I drink at least 1 lb of veggies blended up daily
  • Eat a lot of the same thing every day except for cheat day


  • All cheat day food will not be absorbed
  • Now that I am eating more fat I am craving carbs a lot less, this is a game changer for me since I have had a huge carb craving my whole life
  • I did the 6 mall meals every day for 9 years and this program is better for me. I do not get hangry anymore.
  • The weight loss is slower than many would like but it makes it less taxing on me



I hit my goal. It took a few months.

My plan forward is to start increasing my calories 100 per week as long as I don’t gain weight. It seems my body likes to sit at 210 lbs and I hope this process helps to train my body to get used to the lower weight and keeps me from gaining it all back.

If I seem to be inching up on my weight I will get back on the weight loss wagon by following the above program and dropping 100 calories per week. So if I do start gaining then I will only have to lose a very little bit.

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