Easy Tricks I Use to Naturally Increase My Testosterone

Your sexual health is a leading indicator of your overall health. Here is a list of the things I do to keep my testosterone up naturally. Maybe you can try a few of these and ask me if you want me to explain any of these.

  1. Avoid using plastic for food and drink
  2. Get vitamin D
  3. Eat 2 tbsp sorghum every day
  4. Take cold Showers
  5. Eat spicy food
  6. Get enough sleep
  7. Work to keep my stress low
  8. Reduce alcohol consumption
  9. Eat saturated fat
  10. Lift heavy things
  11. Stay lean
  12. Intermittent fasting
  13. Keep phone out of my pocket
  14. Take ZMA
  15. Wear boxers
  16. Eat 1/2 tsp Kerigold every day
  17. Eat 2 tsp Cod Liver Oil every day
  18. Eat 6 Brazil Nuts every day
  19. Don’t eat too many carbs
  20. Avoid fragrances
  21. Use more natural toiletries


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