I feel like some are trying too hard to manipulate me

Heck, this post has some manipulation involved but I hope it is more honest and gets you to think more openly.

For some reason over the last couple of years I have become more and more skeptical.

I think that part of it is that I no longer listen to radio or watch regular TV. The reason I believe this is because now when I hear or see a commercial I feel that I am being manipulated. An extreme example is click-bait, take a look at weather.com and you will see all kinds of headlines that are made to draw your concern. Honestly, it makes me sick and turns me off.

Another version of this are the Facebook posts some people put up. Especially the ones that are made to make people feel stupid, scare them, or that it seems like there is a lot of crazy energy ( or anger) behind them (like the Cecil the lion petitions).

They are just posted to get attention either for or against. I feel like I am being manipulated. Other recent post types that stand out are: abortion, gay marriage, protect the dogs, religion, politics. Plus, many of these things make me want to follow the opposite of what the person is trying to promote since I feel like I am being manipulated.

My mind will not be changed by a Facebook post. If you want to change my mind, please talk to me, even better in person.

This has led me to question a lot of my views. Have I been parroting what someone else said because it is easier than thinking about a topic and coming up with my own ideas/beliefs? Yes I have.

The only take away I have for this post if you got this far is to please ask yourself if you have been really thought through your beliefs and asked the hard questions.

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