Current Projects-7/14/15

It is time to update my current projects.

So from last month, this is what I am still working on: 

  • Walking and Standing Properly
  • walking and running with proper foot position-
  • Typing
  • Gardening-Thank goodness for my sunflowers. They take up so much space to make it look like I am doing well. I have 1 tomato plant I am abusing and a few bell pepper plants which are doing well. 1 asparagus plant if just coming up and some damn bugs have killed my artichoke plants. There is also a mystery plant that has come up from the compost.


  • Strengthening my eyes-I have been going without my glasses to strengthen my eyes but now I have added these exercises.
  • Improving my cooking skills
  • Learning about hunting
  • Podcasting-this is a lot of fun
  • Meditation
  • Getting ready for our baby. it is a girl and we will start buying stuff soon.


This is what I have added:

  • Testing nootropics (brain supplements)-though I have to add caffeine and take above the regular dose to notice anything.
  • Brushing my teeth with my left hand to train that hand some. This was hard at the beginning but after about 3 times that hand has figured it out.

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