Current Projects May 28, 2015

It is time to update my current projects.

So from last month, this is what I am still working on: 

Walking and Standing Properly

      • Typing
      • Gardening-though I am not confident my garden will do well. I may have put too much clay in for the plants. Though, some are coming up.



  • Strengthening my eyes
  • Improving my cooking skills
  • Learning about hunting
  • Podcasting-this is a lot of fun
  • Meditation


This is what I have stopped doing:

  • Barefoot walking-I overdid it and have to take a break so I can let it get better. Healing my foot seems like it is 3 steps forward and 1 step back.

This is what I have added:

  • Getting ready for our baby. My wife is pregnant and we can finally tell the world.
  • Walking and running with proper foot position. For some reason I have stopped pointing my feet forward as I walk and run and I am retraining myself on this.

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