Current Projects

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I am going to try document the things I am currently working on to keep a running log of what I am doing.

My current projects are:

Barefoot walking

Kind of. I have come to the realization that it is going to take a long time until my foot is ready to run hard so I am wearing minimalist shoes just walking around to train my food to support itself instead of my shoes.

Walking and Standing Properly

I am not made out of rubber like I used to be so I need to make sure that I am walking and standing with proper form so I don’t wear out my joints ahead of time.


I want to improve my typing. I took wood shop in high school and my typing is lacking.


I am growing my first garden this year. I have a whole lot to learn.



Strengthening my eyes

I am nearsighted but not too bad. I do need glasses some of the time but I have noticed my eyes are getting lazy. I have started going without my glasses where I can to strengthen my eyes. I will not get 20/20 vision but maybe I can lower my prescription slightly.

Improving my cooking skills

I am constantly learning more things about cooking. Right now I am really stuck on baking bread and interested in learning more about fermentation like I am making real ginger ale right now.



Learning about hunting

I am really interested in hunting to acquire food so I am reading as much as I can on it. I did not grow up in a hunting family so I am completely new to this. Though, I have butchered a dead pig. I am going to have to get over the part of taking the animal’s life but that happens when I eat hamburger just I am not doing it. I have some friends who I think are willing to take me.





I have started a podcast where I can share thos crazy or funny stories we like to tell our friends over a couple of beers. Check it out here.



I am trying to get better at meditation to reduce stress in my life.