I Realize That I am Different Than Most People

I understand that we are all different but until recently I did not realize how different I am. I had a friend point this out to me a few weeks ago.

I have an obsessive drive to learn about do certain certain topics that interest me.

Here are the things so far:

  1. Fishing when I was in HS
  2. Bodybuilding and body improvement from about 2002-2007
  3. General personal development 2007-2013
  4. Cooking 2013-2014
  5. Hunting currently

When I get into a subject I read all I can about it and find ways to try out the activity if not fully get into it. I spend hours and hours learning about it to the point where I know more than your average person. It is like I am pulled to learn that thing. It becomes one of my primary focuses for the time am digging into it. There is little down time between topics before I find another.

I learn a ridiculous amount and I enjoy the process at the time.

Even though the above list shows end dates I still dig into these topics so I am not done learning about these things even though the hardcore learning is past. Any topic I dig into I tend to obsess about.

I am not sure what this means or where it will lead.

I think I have obsessive tendencies in general. I am always focused on being productive and getting things done to the point my to-do list grows beyond my ability to accomplish everything on it. I periodically trim it down but I end up growing it again.

Another example is exercise. I am not one of those people who will add more to my program and push harder until I either burn out or injure myself. In most cases I still obsessively keep pushing.

When I decide to make a change in my life I just do it. For instance, when I wanted to change my diet I just did. There was no hemming and hawing and trying to figure out how to break an old habit. I just break it.

Then when i think something is a good idea I will do it obsessively to the point I think I am doing something wrong if not. For example I started taking cold showers for health benefits and I had to force myself to be okay with periodically take warm showers because I felt I was going to miss out on a benefit if I wussed out.

In my life I am not a person who needs motivation. I need limits in certain cases.

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