Why I Left Coaching



I stopped coaching people a couple of years ago and it has been good for me.

I initially left coaching because I wanted people to be like me. I am very much a type A person and will go after what I want and if I feel I need to make a change in my life I just do it. I expected others to be the same way and when they weren’t it frustrated me. In other cases I had clients who were just on the cusp of turning their life around and they only had to make a couple of easy changes. When they would not make these changes they would be stuck in the same old bad situation. I could not deal with the negative emotions I had trying to coach clients so I stopped.

In hindsight I realize that part of the reason I chose coaching because I saw a lot of other people doing it and thought it would be relatively easy. I also thought it was something I was passionate about but really I did not have enough different experiences in life yet to figure out what I was passionate about. I enjoy teaching people and working with clients who did well but I was not passionate about it.

Even though I no longer formally coach I still do it for friends especially when it comes to finances or finding a job. Though, I get frustrated with them too when they don’t follow through.

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