Leaving The Personal Development World

Posted by in Personal Development

Lately I have been moving away from the personal development world because I have found a lot of the messages are repeated and I am in search of new information. Also I realize I like to chase money and it adds extra stress to my life and since a lot of the personal development world talks about money and starting businesses I realize I need to step away.

Another part of me leaving the personal development world is I realize I need to find out what I enjoy doing and it is not going to come from trying to start a business for the sake for starting a business. Also, it is not going to come from trying to find my passion by following someone in the personal development world.

I will find my passion through trying many different things, finding the things I enjoy, and spending time in that world to get really good at it.

In leaving the personal development world part of me worries that I am going to miss out on something or I will change in a negative way. Maybe this is like the addict trying to justify using.

I need to realize that I can come back to it if I feel the need to but to really grow I need to take the next step and not fill my time with fluff when I can fill it with things that will help me experience more and do more.