What Next?

This is my first post in the ” I am going to write whatever the heck I want” series.

I really like writing since it helps me to flesh out thoughts and identify inconsistencies in my thought processes. This happens a lot when I am considering my belief system.

This time it is not an inconsistency but more considering what I believe and and what I should think about it. Let me elaborate.

Lately I am considering the state of our society and government. I am not happy where it is going, and I am not sure what to do about it. Many times when I am talking with friends, we tend to start talking about these topics. Since we don’t have any answers, it is just a session of people stating their frustrations. The conversations never amount to anything besides a sophisticated bitching session. This is not because we are negative people but that we have no answers.

I ask myself why that is. The problem seems so large and unwieldy I don’t know what I can do. I feel helpless to change what is happening. I have also found my friends feel the same way. How can I change things that are so complex and large? I don’t think I can. Heck, I am starting to question whether voting is worth it.

Nonetheless, I have started asking “what next” regarding this subject. In other words, what do I do if I feel helpless about the current state of our society?

I think the answer is to do the best I can in the current system and be prepared if something changes. Doing what I can in the current system means taking care of my family as I have been but preparing for changes which is a bit more complicated.

I have not really delved that deep into what it means to prepare for a possible change. I know there are a lot of options out there which include prepping in the prepper sense, hoarding guns and ammo, collecting gold, starting my own farm, or learning survival skills. There are many more options to consider and I think that most of them are quite a bit irrational. Though, I will feel pretty dumb if the world goes to hell in the near future. It just comes down to taking control of the things I can control and to stop stressing about what I can’t.

So the actions I am going to take in this sense are to decide what I need to do since I feel helpless about the path our society is on and to try and stop having political and “this is what is wrong with our society” discussions.

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