I Am a Dumb Ape

Photo Credit: epSos.de


I am starting to realize that I have less control over myself than I originally thought. Especially now with all  of the distractions. To help counter this I have started using some things I have been using to help keep me focused.



This is a website used to help people reach goals. It allows someone to place money on the line (though you don’t have to) for any goal you are trying to reach. I am using this since I tend to jump from project to project without finishing any of them. The way to make this work best is to place an amount of money on the line which makes you uncomfortable if you were to lose it. I have been using it for 4 weeks now and it is keeping me focused without jumping to another project.

For you coaches out there this may be a great tool for you to get your clients to follow through. They have to sign up and they can set you as a referee to help keep them on track.


Turn off your phone

I have started doing this so that I will stop shifting my focus from what I am working on to whatever notifications I receive on my phone. If you are not totally comfortable with shutting your phone off you can use blocking mode which many smart phones have now where you can block communications from all but a select few people. Though, most of the time I just use airplane mode.


Block the internet

I have found there a quite a few web browser aps and computer software which can be used to block the internet. I use a free one called StayFocused for Chrome. I block a few hours at a time and it keeps me from trying to look at Facebook or interacting with any other distraction.



So check these out if you want to get more done.


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