Connect The Dots With Writing

Photo Credit: Sami Keinänen
Photo Credit: Sami Keinänen

I have found a new tool to help me solve all my problems. It is called writing.

Well, I guess it is not that new. I have started writing down ideas to help me better understand what I really think of them and what my stance really is. Then I take those ideas and try to write them like I would for someone else to read and understand.

For instance, I was struggling with some of my political beliefs. By writing down all of my beliefs on that topic, I realized that some of them were contradictory which allowed me to dig into what I really believed. How could I ever argue a point or trust myself if I was contradictory in my beliefs? By writing it down it helped me to flesh out the contradiction and define what I really thought on a subject.

My hypothesis is that when you are thinking about some subjects they are rolling around in both the logical and emotional sides of your brain, but both sides don’t tend to talk well. By writing it down it pulls the things from your emotional brain and puts them in a place where your logical brain can think about them.

So if you have any complex thoughts or confusion about a subject, or personal problems to solve, take time to write them down and consider what you have been thinking.

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