Create a Pivot Point

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Today's pivot point was kayaking

Today’s pivot point was kayaking

I am one of those people who fills his time doing “chores” and not a whole lot of life changing activities; be it starting a business or adding more joy to my life. I do this because I rarely plan anything worthwhile and it leaves me bored with life. This is something I have struggled with for a long time. For some reason I feel responsible to keep everything going at home even if those things are not that important.

I am good at eliminating those things that are not worth doing but since I do not replace them with something else, I get stuck doing those lame activities again.

To help combat this I have started creating “Pivot Points” in my day. They are primary activities that I plan to do that I have to fit the other things in my day around. Right now my focus is just having fun.

Many times the pivot point is my job, but on those days I could add a minor pivot after work so that I get my work done and get to the fun activity.

The great part of this is that it forces me to stop doing all of the little things I feel obligated to do but are not that important. It is okay to let some things slip.

What can you take away from this idea? What can you start planning as your pivot point?