How My Actions Effect Others

Photo Credit: y Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Photo Credit: y Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


I am going to make this a short post since I burned out a little working on the soccer site project. The one week project finally ended after 6 weeks.

Lately I have been thinking about how my actions can possibly negatively effect others. I feel pretty confident how my actions effect others when immediate feedback is available. What about those times when the feedback is delayed and/or diffused?

For instance, I used to spit my gum on the ground when I was done with it. I was okay with this since I only spit it in places where people were very unlikely to walk like on the highway. I also assumed that it would biodegrade pretty quickly so it was no big deal. Then I started to think about things like how that gum spot would look or the was rare chance that someone would step on it. I did not want my actions to effect others negatively so i stopped spitting my gum out on the ground.

This is the same reason I am slowly starting to compost instead of throwing everything in the trash or down the disposal. I know if it goes in the landfill it will slow down the degradation of other materials or even contribute to pollution is the decomposing comes into contact with things like old batteries. Also, if I put those things down the garbage disposal I will be burdening the water processing plant more.

I know I am not going to change the world by doing these things and I know that I am not doing everything I can possibly do but by moving in this direction I am able to make myself feel better and maybe make the world a little bit better.

What can you do?


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