Don’t Be Me, Be You

Photo Credit: deeplifequotes
Photo Credit: deeplifequotes


I get the feeling that some people compare themselves to me especially when it comes to health and exercise. I am very regimented in the way I approach eating and exercise and it sometimes seems that others observe this and feel bad for not being this way. I believe this stems from media constantly telling us we eat wrong, we are fat, and lazy.

I eat and exercise this way because I enjoy it, that is it. Enjoying yourself is what matters, not trying to be someone else.

I admit that I was part of the problem and still may be in some cases. I used to be a d&*k and consider others lazy if they were not like me. Even though I can still be a d&*k sometimes, I try not to be and look at people from a wider lens. I think this comes with age and more life experience.

It comes down to what you enjoy and what you have defined as your priorities. For instance, I have a friend who is a teacher and and a soccer coach. You can tell she loves what she does because she spends so much time supporting the students in those activities and you can hear the passion in her voice when discussing it. These activities are some of her highest priorities, and that is awesome since she enjoys it so much.

She spends so much time on these activities that she is not able to exercise as much as she wants at times during each year. Guess what, that is okay. Actually, that is great. Plus, when she is not doing these activities she busts her butt exercising.

Considering her passion, I am the one who should be jealous. I cannot think of anything that I am as passionate about. I am not jealous though, I am inspired. That is what I want to be to others in relation to my fitness, an inspiration.

So, don’t compare yourself to me or anybody else unless it is for inspiration.

Also, don’t compare yourself to a much younger version of you. We are different now physically, mentally, and with different priorities. Plus, we tend to look at the past like it was better than it really was not.

Another thing to consider is if you are in an environment where you are constantly around fit people, as in a team sport, be careful comparing yourself to other players you encounter. Many have been playing more, have more time to devote to the sport, are younger and in better shape because of it, have more natural ability, etc. Consider that you are still at an elite level physically compared to many around you just because you play a sport regularly.

Don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t enjoy especially when it comes to exercise. Find another activity that will give you the same outcome but you enjoy. You need to enjoy the process and as long as you have a base level of fitness that is good, you don’t need to be Mr. Olympia.

In other words, be happy being you.


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  1. Great advice. I used to judge others as well, and as you said, with time learned that this was silly and pointless. Do what is right for you and listen to your heart as your guide.

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