What should I get paid

How much should you get paid?

To figure out your market value, visit to websites like Salary.com and Glassdoor.com. Enter your information and see what each site tells you about similar roles in your geographic region (or where you are moving).

There is usually a salary range for each role. To figure out where you fit in that range, consider the number of years you have in experience and if your role will require more responsibility than other similar roles.

I recommend that you shoot for above average salary and back it up with the other skills you bring to the job. Consider the following ideas:

What certificates have you earned?
What hobbies or activities do you participate in?
Are you involved in your church?
What do you learn on your own for fun?

When I am in this situation I share that I manage a soccer team, the team’s finances, my time in network marketing (face to face selling) and the career coaching I have done.

Another thing to remember is that you cost the company about 2X what your salary if you consider all the benefits. insurance, and costs associated with employing you there. Also, keep in mind that a company expects to earn them about 3-5 times your salary.

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