The Companies That Hire You Are The Ones Who Can Use Your Skills To Reach Their Goals

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When you get a hiring manager on the phone, your goal is to figure out how you can use your skills to help with their needs.

A company has goals to reach. Typically the goals include making a profit and serving their customers well. If a company identifies that they need help to reach those goals, they will create a job opening.

Put yourself in the manager’s shoes. What if someone contacted you who proved they could help you reach your goals. Would you be willing to pull strings to get that person in your company?

Consider this when talking to these managers. You are trying to convince them how you can help them reach their goals.

I was in a meeting with some high level management and they were talking about the goals for the next year. One of the managers said (I am paraphrasing since I cannot remember his exact words) “If someone can help us make more sales then I will figure out a way to hire that person”.

Let me restate that, the company does not have an opening but the manager will make one to help them reach their goals. This means if you have skills that a company needs and you can effectively communicate how you can help them reach their goals then they will make a position for you.

Think about it, if a company doesn’t have an opening and “supposedly” their budget cannot support another employee wouldn’t it be smart to hire someone who can make the company $150,000 per year and only cost $50,000 per year. It seems like a no brainer to me.