How to Get Multiple Job Offers

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When searching for a new place to work you need to take action on several opportunities at a time or else you may be let down. What if you are super excited about a job and have been working for several weeks making resumes, interviewing, etc for it; then one day you receive an email stating that you did not get the job? You are going to be bummed and you are going to have to start the job search process all over. In this case it takes a long time to find another job and forces you to deal with more disappointment

I recommend you work 3-5 job opportunities at once so you are more likely to find one that gives you an offer. Also, if you receive more than one offer you will have more leverage in negotiating. Don’t work more than 3-5 opportunities at a time, or you are going to be overwhelmed and possibly mix up company information (imagine going to an interview talking to one company thinking they were another company).

While you are interviewing for one you may be writing a cover letter for another. If you are declined for one of the jobs then follow the previously mentioned actions (in previous blog posts) to add another company to the list of the ones you are working.