Where to Find a Job You Like

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In the past, we looked for work at a place that was hiring. Not now, you have to take control of the situation if you want to feel secure in your job. You should find a place where you enjoy working and where they actually care about you. You have seen it in the news, how companies are trying to get out of promises they made to employees such as pensions. You may know someone who has experienced this.

The main reason I decided to become awesome at getting the perfect job stems from the experience my Dad went through. He worked for a company which promised him all kinds of things, but once he was permanently injured (from the work) he was relegated to fight tooth and nail for the benefits he was promised.

I have also worked in large companies where people are treated like pieces of equipment with no regard for them as humans. I learned there is more than just getting a paycheck, so I decided take my future in my own hands by finding work that is fulfilling in a place where I enjoy working. I also understand that I will find my ideal job incrementally. Each job change is another step closer to my perfect job and I learn more to help propel me forward in my career. The interesting thing is that I make significantly more money each time I make a step to doing something that I enjoy more.

Did you know 80%-90% of the jobs come from the hidden job market? This means that you have the best chance to find a job in this hidden market (especially one that you would enjoy). Another way to look at this is that only 10%-20% of the jobs are on job boards like Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com.

Most people focus on the job boards since it is easy to send in a resume or application. Do you really want to apply somewhere everyone else is applying? Put yourself in the shoes of the HR representative in the company. What if you had to go through 300 resumes? Most likely you will be skimming and finding quick reasons to throw out resumes. They are not trying to find the best candidate, they are trying to find a candidate who can do the job and which will allow the HR rep to stop looking at resumes. This means that your resume will probably get lost in the shuffle.

The process I recommend to find a job

Where do you want to live? Do you want to live in the city? What City? Do you want to live in a suburb or in the country? Think about this, then draw a circle on a map with a 30 mile radius to identify where your potential job will be. For instance, I want to live in Kansas City because it is my home and I have many relationships here, so I never look for a job that is outside Kansas City (unless I can telecommute).

Speaking of telecommuting, in this day and age there are many opportunities to work from home (if this fits you) so you will have little problem living where you want as long as you have access to the internet. Though you have to look hard and do real research since there are a lot of scams out there.

Now that you know where you want to live, you have to find companies where you would like to work. Don’t spend much time on the job boards. Job boards are good places to do research, but they are not the place to find a job. Go to the chamber of commerce site in the community you want to live in. They have many companies listed there that are part of that community. Review each company and make a list of the ones that would employ someone with the skills you listed in the previous step.

I have studied the best way to find jobs for a long time and I have not found anybody that says to look at the chamber of commerce for a listing of companies when it works so awesome. Consider this one of the special keys to finding a job in this program.

I understand this step in the job search process is slower than looking for jobs on websites like Monster.com since you have to look at each company and then learn a little about each of them to figure out what they do and if you want to work there. You need to consider the whole process not each individual step. Even though this step is longer than searching job boards it makes the whole process much faster than searching for jobs on Monster or similar sites and in the long run and it is much less frustrating. Also, you will be more likely to find something you enjoy doing while making good money.

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  1. Josh – this is terrific advice.  I had not ever thought of visiting the Chamber of Commerce for a list of companies in the community.  Thank you as always, for your great posts.  🙂 – Sherri

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