Born to Run Book Report

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Born to Run Book

Whenever I mentioned reading Born to Run someone always had a stupid comment like “I only run if someone is chasing me”. If this is you, shut up.

Born to Run (Affiliate link) was great on many levels. I originally assumed it would teach more of the mechanics of running extreme distances (50-100 miles at a time) and running barefoot. I was happily surprised that it is a very well told story of how the author transitioned from having injuries running all the time to running extreme distances with less injuries by changing his running style (and running nearly barefoot). Sprinkled through his story were were digressions which described many different situations and cultures that exhibit proof that we were built to run extreme distances but have forgotten how.

This book tells an amazing story (the author is a great writer) while teaching the philosophy of running. An interesting piece of information that really stuck with me is that running became really popular in the 70s and people began  breaking records right and left. Then it got to a point that there were declining numbers of people able to reach those record levels of before. It seemed that we were trying too hard. We were making it a goal to reach and not an experience to have.

Some of the key take-aways from the book are: if running is hard then you are doing it wrong, running injuries have increased since the invention of the shoes with the big heel and supports (meaning that running closer to barefoot may be better), running should be for the experience not as some goal to reach, and there is some level of running that each one of us is comfortable with and we should do that (once it gets uncomfortable stop).

I advise you read this book because it tells a great story full of interesting fact about our abilities and maybe it will change your mind about running.