Hard Work Update 4/1/12

Things got a bit turned around between the last Hard Work update and this update. I was coaching for Pursuing Your Calling with Brent Green and Cindy Hirch and Brent’s life started changing in awesome ways. These changes made him decide  to pull back from the coaching so he could focus the more important changes to his life. This made me start asking what I was doing with my time. After digging in, I realized I need to give Andrea more of my time. I have almost pulled back on everything I was doing.

The next 3 bullet points were my goals at the last update

  • Developing a product for Pursuing Your Calling to that relates to couples getting on the same page.
  • Developing a new/free/better goal setting worksheet.
  • Figuring out another product to develop.

I did not complete any of these but I finally completed my product. This was hard for me because I was fighting my lizard brain which was afraid to put itself out there.

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The next three months is going to be the hardest for me. My goal is to do a lot of nothin’. Actually, my goal is to spend time with Andrea and spend time thinking about what I want to do next (i.e. where to take the site, how to grow this as a business, etc.). This is extremely hard for me since I am hard wired to take action and complete things. I know spending time with Andrea is reaching a goal but it is not as clear cut as other goals. It is easy to tell when I lose 5 lbs or I make $10 but it is hard to quantify “spend more time with Andrea”. This is especially hard for me since much of the time will just be sitting with her. I am an active person and it will be hard for me to do more sitting.

Nevertheless, I think this will be really good for me. I need to learn to let go of a lot of things and learn moderation and this may be the first step down that path.

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  1. Sounds like you have to really hard work coming.  I think it’s every bit as difficult for active people to be still as it is for still people to be active.  Definitely a challenge, but more than likely, success will be worth it!

  2. My girlfriend and I are working hard at growing the amount of residual income we generate every month. Our end goal is to reach a point financially where we can spend more time together. In my opinion, EVERYONE needs a source of residual income.

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