You Are Not Greedy Enough

I have been considering the concept of greed and how it relates to some of the happenings over the last few years (banks failing, mortgages not being paid, Madoff, etc.).

I argue that these people were not greedy enough.

Take a look at someone like Madoff. If he was more interested in his needs over the needs of others he would have come up with a plan that was more sustainable long term. For a system like that to be sustainable long term he cannot be hurting people. I am saying that being focused on yourself for the long haul will force you to do the right thing to others. Since Madoff is now in jail and his family is falling apart I am betting he is feeling significant emotional pain.

Also I question whether altruism exists.

I believe that we do everything for ourselves. For instance, if you give money to someone in need do you feel good? Maybe you are doing it for yourself. I believe that we were made to have a internal need to do the right thing.

I understand that these ideas may be out of the norm but take some time to consider them.

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