Get Rid of One Thing

Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee

Over the years I have been accumulating things. When I left school to move to Tennessee and when I left Tennessee to move back to Missouri a moving company took care of everything. It was so easy.

About a year ago we had to move our own stuff. I decided we have too much crap. While having to lift all of the stuff we own I started asking why we have so much stuff which we don’t use.

I thought that was dumb so I set a goal to get rid of one thing a week. It is a simple plan, but it works. Not only are we getting rid of stuff we do not need, we are opening up space in our house, reducing the stuff that has to be cleaned/dusted, and reducing the clutter.

Some things I sell on Craig’s list, some things go to Goodwill, some things I scan to electronic form, and some things just go in the trash.

One of the unintended consequences is that we spend less money and buy less stuff. Now that we know we have to get rid of things we am more aware of what we purchase.

You should try this. Are you willing to get rid of one thing a week?

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  1. I started decluttering my life a little less than a year ago. Like you, it’s either going in the trash, going on Craigslist or going on eBay. I can’t describe how liberating this experience has been! And an amazing side effect is that the more stuff I get rid of it, the less desire I have to buy any new stuff. Material things are losing their appeal and I’m gaining control of my life back.

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