Getting Your Spouse On Board: The Lizard Strikes Again

I have been working on my book, and I recently had a proofreader review it. I had some resistance to giving it to him but I knew it was my lizard brain. I was afraid of criticism.  The funny thing is that part of my day job is having my work reviewed, but for some reason I am afraid of sharing something I have total ownership over.

I received the proofread book back the other day. I was hesitant to look at it because I was afraid of the criticism. The criticism already happened. The lizard makes no freakin’ sense. It is just there trying to slow me down.

Don’t worry, once I realized I was experiencing lizard sabotage I hopped on the book and reviewed it.

The next step is to figure out a name then to the graphics guy. I am so pumped to finally be producing something.

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