New Superpower, Remembering Names

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Photo Credit: paukrus

Everyone always says “I am no good with names”. No one is; you have to work at it. If you don’t make an effort to remember names then you won’t.

We think in pictures and sounds and not words. Also, in memorizing anything you have to make an effort.

Next time you meet someone and they say their name, think about the picture that goes with their name. For instance, someone named John makes you think of a toilet. Now imagine that picture on the face of the person you just met. You will now be able to remember their name.

Some other techniques (though not as good as the picture method) include:

Repeat the person’s name after they say it

Write it down

Do an activity where you need to know their name (I am always meeting people playing soccer so I have to remember their name to communicate across the field.