Multi-Level Marketing Helped Me Find My Superpowers

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I will forever be frustrated at people who attack something they do not understand. Consider multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing businesses. Many people have quite a negative view of these companies.

These are legitimate business models which share a lot of similarities with the company you work for. In the past, there were businesses that looked the same as MLMs on the outside but were scams which did not product any real value. Another reason these companies receive bad press is that some of the members get overzealous and tend to stretch the truth. Finally, there are people who join and believe they can collect checks while sitting at home but get disheartened because they actually have to work.

I was part of a MLM for about two years. I joined because I wanted to learn selling skills which were not taught in the engineering school I attended. Boy did I learn a lot and I am glad I did it.

Another interesting fact was that everyone involved had positive attitudes and was always trying to help each other get ahead. I have never been part of an organization with so much positive energy. Just being in the center of these attitudes makes you want to excel at everything you do.

I am not sure if MLM is for you but if you want to find your super powers you need to keep an open mind, be willing to learn, and try new things.




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  1. I completely agree with you Josh. I do a number of different things to earn money, one of which is a network marketing business. Just as with any other industry, there is always good and bad. The important thing is to do your own research and then form your OWN opinion, not regurgitate someone else’s.

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