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Spillman Thank You Letter

I know a little bit about car repair but I don’t have much patience, time, or the tools for much of it.

About a year ago Andrea was having trouble starting her car and it was beyond my ability to fix it. James Dibben recommended Spillman Auto Service which he used to take all of his business’s vehicles for repair.

I took Andrea’s car there and it was fixed well. I do not remember the details, but I liked the expedience enough to take my truck there  two weeks ago with another problem.

I dropped my truck off there in the morning and they found the problem min-morning. They called me and gave me several choices in the repair so I could choose to save money at the moment or in the long run. They also mentioned that the work would be done in two days. I had them do the full schbang so spent less in the long run.

They called me in the evening of the first day and mentioned the part they quoted was a plastic version and they recommended a little more expensive metal version (which would not break as easily). Since I know they were telling the truth about the plastic one breaking easily (I was the who broke it) I told them I would pay a little more than the original quote to get the better part. In this conversation I asked if they still expected to be done the following evening. They said their technicians would be coming in early to fix my truck by the quoted time.

They called me the next day before noon to tell me it was done. It was at least six hours earlier then they stated and it ended up costing about $100 less then the quote (which included the better metal part).

I picked my truck up that evening and the technician took me in the back and showed me the damaged parts and explained what happened. He could have just said it was fixed and sent me on my way. He then shared some more advice to make my truck last longer and run better. He was so interested in helping me all he could. Spillman hires people who care about what they do; these are the type of team members you want.

I was really happy with the service at this point.

Two days later I received the letter in the picture (hand written none the less). Two days after that they called me to make sure I was happy with the service.

I could not believe how super they were at letting me know all the details of the repair so I could make good decisions (with no pressure selling what so ever). Finally, they followed up to be sure I was happy with everything.

I wish everyone could have a repair shop like this one.

What are you doing to keep your customer aware and do you know if your customer is happy with their purchase?

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