Super Customer Loyalty Series-Super Investing

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Since I recently changed jobs, I needed to roll money from that 401k to an IRA (don’t leave your money at an old employer). I found John Skowronski through Dave Ramsey’s ELP program when I had to roll over another 401k a few years ago.

I like working with John mainly because he is super personable and does a great job at fielding my many questions (remember I am an engineer).

The other day I think he permanently sealed the deal. When depositing the check from my 401k the investment company made a minor mistake. Since I am not detail oriented I probably would not have noticed.

He called me early in the morning as soon as he saw the mistake to apologize and say he is going to correct it immediately. I thought “wow,John cares this much about my money being placed in the correct account and that I know what happening with it that he is willing to call me at 7:30 in the morning”.  Also consider that he did everything correctly and the mistake was not his.

An honorable mention for American Funds, who made the minor mistake. They sent letters immediately explaining the correction and apologizing for the mistake. We all make mistakes but they are building loyalty by admitting to them and apologizing.

It simply comes down to John caring. He wants to be sure I know what is going on and that I understand everything to the extent that I want to.

What are you doing to show your customers that you care? Also, are you willing to apologize if you make a mistake?