Super Customer Loyalty Series-Super Home Sales

This is a continuation of the Super Customer Loyalty Series.

My wife and I wanted to purchase a home in Tennessee in 2007. I began talking to friends and one recommended Susannah Dunn. The main thing that sold me was her willingness to jump right in and get dirty serving her customer.

My friend, who recommended her, mentioned her crawling on her hands and knees in a crawl space (while wearing a a business type skirt outfit) to find out something about the house they were considering buying.

Who do you know that is willing to take that step? It was not expensive or flashy but it did get her more business (my business). When we sold our house in Tennessee guess who I called to sell it?

If I still lived in Tennessee she would be my real estate agent.


What are the inexpensive things you are doing to build customer loyalty?

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  1. We struggle to find people such as this to partner with in our business. But when we do find someone willing to go above and beyond, we recognize and appreciate their effort. People like this will go far in whatever their pursuit is because the reality is most of us only do enough to get by.

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