Twitter is My Offensive Line

Photo Credit: Anne Rossley

I want to do everything to the umpth degree. For example, when I subscribe to a blog I feel obligated to read every one and I feel bad if I don’t.

To combat this I set boundaries to filter the information that is allowed to take up space in my life.

Normally I become interested in a thought leader but I have to figure out if their information is valuable. To do this I will follow them via Twitter. By the way, I am going to be cleaning out Twitter soon.

If I find them valuable on Twitter I then will follow their blog via RSS. I try to shy away from the email newsletter since it is distraction in my inbox; compared to my RSS reader which I decide when I will interact with the posts.

How do you deal with information overload?

2 Replies on “Twitter is My Offensive Line

  1. Living in the Information Age today, our task becomes to filter what we allow in. As you said, if you don’t have filters in place you’ll end up with information overload. Too much info can be a bad thing. You might find yourself overwhelmed, plus it can prevent you from taking action.

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