I Do What I Want

I am continuing to make changes to this website. I feel that I am able to cover more varied topics since living intentionally can encompass so many situations. I want to share some of the things I am doing to live intentionally and share my thoughts about it.

Also, I have so much experience in manufacturing and the corporate world I would like to share my thoughts on this which include improving business and leadership.

I have compiled a huge list of blog topics which I would like to write. I could increase my weekly number of posts. Though, I do not want to obligate myself to more posts because I will not always have time to keep up. To get around this I am going to start blogging when I have time/feel the need to share. Some weeks I will do more and some I will do less.

No more than one post per day, and no less than one every two weeks. Also the blogs I write like this may not have pictures and may not have a video like my others do.

Sometimes I just want to share an idea without the hindrance of feeling like I need to add a picture or a video.

To hold me accountable to my schedule I am still going to do my bi-weekly blog post which includes pictures and a video. Though, I am going to move this post to be released every other Thursday.

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