Getting Your Spouse On Board:My Weakness

I think I have covered all of the background of me trying to get Andrea on board.

I think I have finally gotten her to trust that I will not throw the family under the buss. My next step is to show her proof that I can make money in the business.

I have a problem which I need to admit and I just realized it. I have a problem with completing projects. I am not sure what exactly is holding me back. Some of it has to do with a subtle version of perfectionism. It is the lizard brain that Seth Godin talks about. Looking back, I read Linchpin and Seth was talking to me and I was not listening. I am such an idiot.

I have spent all this time studying business and doing things on the periphery. I have built a site and I have coached a little. Nothing real to bring in money.

I was saying I was starting a business but I was lying to myself and everyone around me, I had a hobby.

It is time to reconcile this. My goal is to produce two products this year and actually make some money on them. They may not make a lot but I will learn from the process and get better.

This is part of the reason I am doing this series, I need accountability partners and by telling you guys this I will be more likely to follow through.

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    1. I am not sure that works as well before I knew it was fear driving me.  The funny thing is it is so subtle that it is hard to realize that is what is going on. When it comes to obvious fear I have no trouble taking action but this is weird. I always thought I was taking action but now that I know what I am up against I think I can counter it.  
      It is a fear that I could not tell was there. 

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