Getting Your Spouse On Board: Show Me The Money

Posted by in Close Family, Enjoy Your Job or Start a Business

I have wanted to start a business for a long time and even while Andrea and I were dating it came up in conversation. Once we got married I started talking to her about the possibilities and the things we had to do to get there.

That is when I learned about the fear. I am not sure of the history but Andrea is concerned that I will quit my job and spend years broke talking about starting a business, but not actually doing anything. Even though I have never done anything like that the fear is still there.

My way around this is talk with her about it regularly, the things I am doing, and the progress I am making. That is one of the reasons I have asked her to help me in developing the website. Her part is more the idea part. I tell her what I am doing and ask her what she thinks we should be doing. I even worked with her to brainstorm the new website name and the focus.

I want to get her familiar with what is going on so she feels she understands.  Plus it helps me make better decisions.