Getting Your Spouse On Board:New Blog

I know I keep changing what I am doing with the blog but oh well, it is my blog.

Have you ever wanted to get your spouse to go along with an idea but could not get them to come along?

A thought keeps popping in my head about one spouse trying to get another spouse to go along with an idea. For instance I have wanted to start a business for a long time and whenever I bring it up to Andrea she gets uncomfortable thus I have needed to figure out how to get her on board.

I have found many spouses are trying to do something similar.

I am going to share my story of trying to get Andrea to go along with starting a business and everything I learn from this. The benefit I get from this is that I will be more accountable to making money in this business and maybe what I learn can help you.

This series will not be scheduled and it will come out when I have something to share.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Love this idea Josh! And I see the same dynamic play out in my business quite often. The wife may be all in and the husband is hesitant, or vice versa. Sharing your experience with others should prove really helpful.

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