Vigilante Superhero

To be a superhero is to be a vigilante. All vigilantes fight tirelessly to correct the wrongs in the world. They are not PC and they are willing to get hurt and dirty fighting for what is right. They know not going to be easy.

Are you willing to be a vigilante for your cause? Are you willing to fight for what you feel is right?

I don’t mean that you should beat up bad guys (I will not dissuade you if that is what you want), but are you willing to fight to get out of debt, to be a part of your teenager’s life, to build that business that everybody tells you will fail?

One of the ways I am a vigilante is by offering encouragement anywhere I can. When you are surrounded by naysayers I fight to tell you that you can do it. Whenever someone makes a stupid statement which they have no basis I am willing to argue it with them to keep them from spreading their negativity around me and my friends.

What are you going to fight for?

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