Increase Your Superpowers

We all have superpowers, but some of us never learn to use them. I am constantly learning how to use my superpowers (which is one of my superpowers) better and I am taking action to increase my superpowers. Maybe you should consider some of these activities to help improve your superpowers.

Schedule time to focus on using your superpowers. You have to make this time sacred, and focus on the superpower only; no distraction. It is like working a muscle; the more you use it the better it gets.

For me, this consists of sitting for about 30 minutes every day and just letting my mind wander. I also will take walks, especially in nature (it is my Fortress of Solitude). In either of these situations I don’t have my iPod, or anybody else around except maybe when I am walking my dog. Sometimes I think of nothing and sometimes I solve a problem. I just let it go on its own without forcing it to think of something specific. This is awesome for re-energizing my brain and solving hard problems.

Another way I increase my superpowers is by eliminating the distraction. I have many systems for doing this. One of my systems is for recording my ideas as they come (idea creation is another superpower) so I do not use up my brain power with trying to remember them. Remember that your superhero brain is not great at remembering but it is awesome at creating.

What tips do you have for increasing your superpowers?

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