You Have to Fight For What You Want

For some reason we are taught that we should subdue our own wants and needs for the those of others. I disagree.

In your heart you know what is right, and I bet it aligns with what is right for the world. Think about any superhero, they see a wrong and it bothers them, and they use their superpowers for righting that wrong. They don’t do it because it helps everybody else; they do it because they feel it is right.

Consider Batman, he is driven to fight because of the internal pain of losing his parents in a mugging. It is personal, not because he wants to to make everyone happy. But, guess what, he does improve Gotham City. So what he feels is right is right for the city.

My internal silliness told me I should call this post “Fight for Your Right to Party” but it did not fit.

The next part is fighting. Does that make you uncomfortable? For some reason we are trained that we should not create any type of disturbance in another’s life; even if it is to stop that person from doing wrong. If you really want to use your superpowers for what you know is right you need to get comfortable with fighting, even physical fighting. You are going to get dirty, cut, bruised, sweaty, and tired.

You will be stepping out from everybody’s view of your life, and they are going to fight you on it. You need to fight back. If you want to use your superpowers to get your family out of debt, your family will fight you on it. If you want to use your superpowers to help others take more risk in their life, you are going to fight them and their fears. If you want to use your superpower to help someone grow their business, you are going to fight their habits and their whole organization. If you want to raise your kids to use their superpowers for good, it will be fight to keep them from becoming super-villains when they grow up.

One of my superpowers is problem solving. I often piss people off because I push and push until I solve the problem. I have had arguments with people unwilling to change. Whenever I have to solve a new problem I always have a fight on my hands. I roll up my sleeves and get ready to duke it out. It is not the first tactic, but to really use my superpower to the full extent I usually have to make others uncomfortable and fight (even my boss).

I know I need to fight for what I know is right and you need to be willing to fight also.

What fights have your superpowers gotten you into?

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  1. Love the Batman reference. And the Beastie Boys one as well.

    I’ve had to learn to curb my instinct to fight a bit. I think the important distinction is to learn when to fight, and in those instances definitely ramp it up a notch. We can’t be afraid of offending others. Tough love is the most effective medicine one can administer.

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