Average Superhero

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As I mentioned before,I am changing my branding.  The change is slow since I am trying to figure out all the details. One of the details is to have my wife more involved (it is just more fun this way).

My wife and I have decided to redesign the brand around being a superhero that helps teach others to build their lives for joy (you know, the guy getting mugged in the alley by his lame life and me and my family of superheros swoop in to take out the bad guys). Also, this will allow me to be a little silly and dress up in silly costumes (imagine me giving a presentation in a superhero costume, that would be funny).

I think I will have the site designed a bit more cartoony too (this may take me a while).

I will still be sharing the core message I have always shared in this blog, but I want to put an interesting and entertaining twist on it while helping people understand they do not need to “act like adults” to be productive.

One of the reasons I have chosen the superhero concept is I believe everyone has superpowers they were given when they were put on earth (some of you may have come on space ships as babies). Some of my superpowers are building relationships and solving problems (with a smaller super power of adding a little silliness to the world).  Also, all  do gooders  have a method they use to save people so my method is teaching everybody to enjoy their lives more.

Now all I need is a costume, hmm.

So I have two questions for you, what is your super power and what costume should I (my wife and dog too) wear for one of the main pictures on this site.