How to have fun at work

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As I stated in my last post (click here), I am changing my brand a bit.  I still want to help you to reach higher levels of success, though the ultimate goal of success is to enjoy yourself more.

My day job is in a corporate setting and am considered a professional (every once in a while).  I am a hard worker, and so are the people around me.  The difference is, I do not concern myself with keeping a front of being “professional”.


An example: at my day job, we have task tracking boards which include our pictures to hold us accountable to our duties.  Everybody was trying to take their best picture, but I decided to take a silly picture (the one included in the post).   Some people were afraid I would get in trouble (don’t be scared in the corporate environment).   Guess what, nothing happened except comments on how silly it was.  I did not get in trouble.  Even some higher-ups in the corporation saw it.  This helped people to get to know me and be more comfortable around me.  Now everyone is looking for the next silly thing for me to do.

The benefits are: everyone wants to work with me because they know I will get the job done and I will be fun.

The moral of the story is don’t follow rules, which are not really rules, so you can be professional.  By being you and having more fun you will get more done (because others are more comfortable working with you) and you will have more people want to be your friends.  Don’t be lame!