I Don’t Know What To Do

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Today I am going to use my blog like a journal.  Maybe you guys can give me some feedback.

I want to make my coaching more substantial.  The problem is I talk about many different topics (you will see if you go through my past articles).  It is great that I have thoughts on many subjects, but it is not good for creating a brand (this is a lesson to anyone starting a business).  To build a strong brand I need to have a focus.  This allows anyone I come in contact with to understand immediately what I am doing.  This was brought to light while working with Brent Green on Pursuing Your Calling (click here).

Brent has developed a few brands with the concept of pursuit but each brand is has a different focus.  He has been gaining traction with this (another lesson here, go help someone more experienced with a project and you will learn from them).

I have been wondering what my brand should be.  I know it needs to fit my interests and personality.  There are a few things that have been sticking in my head with respect to the direction I should go.

  1. I like to be silly, have fun, seek out joy, and a bit non-conformist (I like being unique)
  2. I like physical activities especially with others and outdoors
  3. I am good at asking the questions that get right to the point (this does make some people uncomfortable)
  4. I love problem solving/ teaching
  5. People easily open up to me
  6. I love trying new things
  7. My leading questions with people always have something to do with what they enjoy

So where do I go from here?  Out of the list, I think the most intriguing point for a business is the silliness piece but it needs to be with the goal of fun and joy.  Maybe that should be my brand.  What do you think?
I have also been brainstorming for a tagline and here are some ideas.  Let me know what you think.

  1. Get a kick out of life (again)
  2. Kick down the door and drag your inner child back out to play
  3. Don’t jump naked

Recommend some if you have ideas, this is just a start.

A concern I have is I am not sure my goofiness comes out in my writing.  Though, it does when people talk with me or around me.  Also, I hate the term coach because everybody and their mother is a coach.  It is so bland and not unique.
That is about it, let me know what you think and thanks for the help.