go against convention

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I am going to stop using the phrase “common sense”.  We all have different backgrounds which makes what I call common different from what you call common.  I am going to start using “people need to think for themselves”.

If people think for themselves then more information will be available for all of us to share.  Sometimes thinking for yourself means going against convention (yes, some people out there will be wrong but you need to think for yourself to decide that).

I have had a foot injury for quite a while.  When it first happened I went to the doctor and they recommended that I stop exercising and begin using all sorts of insoles and foot support.  The doctor also said that I should not go barefoot at all.

I had to stop running, it really hurt.  For several weeks my foot did not get better, even with the insoles and whatnot.

I began searching on the web and found some people discussing barefoot running and that it reduced injuries.  There is not a lot of science behind it, but a lot of anecdotal evidence (do not ignore anecdotal evidence, just because some doctor has not studied it, does not mean it is wrong).  I needed something so I could run again.  I bought a set of Vibram fivefingers.  Now I can run without my foot hurting (it is still healing).

So, if there weren’t people willing to think for themselves, make these new shoes, try these new shoes, and me willing to experiment I would still not be able to run (foot injuries are slow to heal).  This took several people willing to think for themselves, go against “common sense” and a willingness to try something new.

So, what interesting things have you learned about that goes against convention?