Don’t Grow Up

I have a theory. If we start acting like children we will have energy like children.

When we see children playing, someone makes the comment “I wish I had their energy”. We believe they have energy because they are young. This thought has been so ingrained in us that no one questions it.

I disagree.

What is it that children have? curiosity, a want to learn, a want to explore, lack of inhibition, and fun.

Do you have these feelings? When I experience these emotions I am full of energy.

We have spent so much time trying to “be responsible” and “grow up” that we have drowned out these emotions.

What about the excuse “I don’t have time”? It is all a bunch of poo poo.

You can be responsible and still have fun.

You can still be silly, play with toys, and with your friends (even in the mud).

So stop trying to fit in so much, stop trying worrying about how others think of you and embrace your childlike emotions in all areas of your life and you can begin to have the energy of a child.

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