You Can Have What You Want Right Now

Every day (at work) I have to put on my prescription safety glasses. I call these my birth control glasses because I will not get any dates wearing them (you know what I mean).

The other day I was taking my regular glasses off and I broke the nose piece, meaning they were unwearable. I had to wear my birth control glasses all day so I could see.

Later that day I ended up getting a flat tire while I was at work. It was fixed and went on with my day.

Toward the end of the day I began thinking about those 2 situations and I realized I was in a pretty good mood all day. Then I wondered if others would have called this a bad day if the same things happened to them.

In the title, I state “you can have what you want right now” because what you want is a feeling that is some version of joy, contentment, and happiness. I was pretty happy that day because I realize my emotional state is based on my reaction to things around me not the state of things outside of me.

Darren Hardy of Success Magazine (Jan. 2011) says there are 3 traps that people fall into when trying to be happy “when I (fill in the blank) I will be happy, trying to make other people happy, and contrast (keeping up with the Joneses).

In all of these cases we are trying to do something or get something that will give us a feeling. So why don’t we figure out other ways to get the feeling and skip the frivolous goals to get there?

My recommendation is to find things that will give you happiness now instead of chasing things that do not matter. It might be reading a good book, spending time with old friends, or going on a date with your wife. It does not take a lot of money, or toys to be happy.

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