Admit You Caused Your Problems, You Can Solve Them

Problems are easy to solve. It may not seem that way at the time but they really are.

What really bogs us down is getting caught up in the emotion. We never really consider what the problem is, and we never take time to think about it.

If you run into a road block you can physically see then it is easy to find a way around it. But when it is an intangible roadblock then it is difficult to define the problem.

When you have a problem the first move is to step back from the emotion. Take time to think about it and why you are so frustrated. For instance, maybe you bounce a check. When that happens you get angry at everything; the bank, your husband or wife, your coworkers. Take the time to ask yourself “why am I so mad”.

The solution to the anger problem is to realize it is your fault. I know this is hard, but once you take this stance you can see how your decisions got you there and the different decisions you can make in the future.

The next step to solving your problem is to clearly define your problem. If you bounced the check you might initially think you do not have enough money; that is true but it is not the root cause of the problem. Maybe the root cause is that you are not getting paid enough at your job.

Once you have defined the problem it is easy to find a solution (though implementing the solution may be hard). So if your problem is not being paid enough then the solution may be to work more or find a job that will pay you more.

That is really the extent to solve your problems.

Step away from the emotion

Take responsibility

Define the root cause of the problem

Decide on a solution to the root cause.

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