Stop Being A Wuss, Stop Asking for Permission

In last week’s post I wrote about your company controlling your life (you can read it here). One of the main reasons this happens is you give them permission to do this.

You need to take action and stop asking for permission. You probably have heard the expression “it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission”, this is true. Stop worrying about permission to do a little better at your job. Go improve something even if you are worried that your boss won’t like it. You could approach an upper level manager about your big idea or you could start your own business during your lunch break.

Many of the things you try will not work out, your boss may say no (I get this a lot when I just go and do something), or you might upset someone. Most likely all you will get is a “no” or a “lets put it back the way it was” (these are the things my boss tells me). That is it. You have had a little failure (which is good), nothing more.

The best part about this is that it gets you over needing permission. You will have learned that the world did not end and you did not lose your job.

Go out and do something and do not worry about permission. If it is the right thing then do it. If you ask for permission you may never get it and your idea may never be heard.

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    1. It seems that many “bosses” are only willing to let someone know when they are doing wrong. That leads you to always keeping out of trouble and not trying to really make some change.

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